BorderPride 2017


Borderless love –event aka BorderPride 2017. Meri-Lapin SETA ry wants to make history and organize the very first Pride at Sea Lapland area. BorderPride will take a place in twincity Tornio-Haparanda 25th-27th. of August 2017.

The upcoming BorderPride 2017 aims to increase Sea Lapland’s attractiveness among queer community. This event highlights Sea Lapland’s uniqueness such as co-operation between small towns and cities, the national border between Finland and Sweden and the Sea Lapland’s people’s positive attitude towards life.

Event increases equality locally and people’s awareness of queer community. Event is significant and historic for Sea Lapland’s area.

How did the Pride go? Let us know!

e.g. Queer themed seminars, Youth party, Support groups meetings
e.g. Pride parade, Event for the whole family, Main party
e.g. Queer brunch, Queer mass

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Our Host

Ellu Malkamäki

Ellu Malkamäki

Do you know her?

Tomorrow you will know, she is our awesome host! She is Ellu Malkamäki and she is just being herself in this picture! Ellu has been singing 10 years in a band, band called Grooving High Allstars. You can say that music is her passion; she´s also singing teacher and the leader of choir. Ellu describes herself that she is little bit crazy and always is what she is. She likes to lark around and never takes herself too seriously. Most important; Equality in all its forms is a key to her! She´s Ellu and she´s amazing!