1 more cup: My refugee story- document

29.8.2018 17:30
Aineen taidemuseo auditorio - Torikatu 2, 95430 Tornio

"Taking in Consideration the importance of the 16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women Campaign, Two parts of the short film were featured on 2015 (16 Days Campaign) The videos prioritizes bisexual, lesbian and trans women survivors of SGVB who are excluded from such considerations. Our culture’s narrow and essentialist definition of gender identity and our legal apparatus’s exclusionary and discriminatory classification of women have erased the experiences of many victims of structural, sexual and domestic violence.    

Not with standing the severity of SGBV against all women, which includes both gender conforming women and women with non-conforming gender and/or sexual orientations, the videos, first and foremost, hopes to underline firsthand experiences of women with non-conforming gender and/or sexual orientations living in Lebanon. These women’s prospects for an equal opportunity at a dignified and free living have been controlled and limited by state, social, and educational institutions, medical professionals, and even their own families."



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  • 29.8.2018 17:30